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“Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana.”


Luckily for the burgeoning marijuana industry, we can’t all be as upstanding as Jeff Sessions, the author of this quote.  Thirty-eight states, Washington D. C., Puerto Rico, and Guam have all legalized marijuana to at least an extent. A large majority of … READ MORE

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Doconomy: Banking Service With an Environmental Conscience


Founded in September of 2018 by Helena Mueller, Johan Pihl, Mathias Wikström, Fredrik Lagertrad, and Nathalie Green, Doconomy is a mobile banking service developed to inspire changes in consumer behavior to reduce unsustainable consumption and carbon emissions. Doconomy bills itself as a … READ MORE

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Q&A with Will Graylin, CEO of Mobile Payments Startup Loop


Boston-based mobile payment start-up Loop was founded in 2013 by Will Graylin and George Wallner, two very smart guys who figured out how to emulate a mag-stripe credit card swipe with your phone. A user pays at point-of-sale by placing … READ MORE